Early Childhood Chat Room for School District Staff

The Race2K project facilitates monthly on-line discussions for teachers, related service personnel and others involved in school district preschool classrooms to share strategies, ideas and activities that help support quality early childhood and early childhood special education programs.  These are also opportunities for staff to connect with others across the state.

We encourage participation in the chats as a preschool team! Pre-registration for the chat room is required as space is limited to 12 participants (individuals or teams).    Once you register, you will be given log-in information and instructions. The schedule of topics and registration links are below.

Early Childhood Chat Room discussions are not recorded and while notes are not necessarily taken, there may be resources and ideas documented from the discussion.  You can find resources in our on-line REPOSITORY

Welcome to the New School Year-Preschool in 2021
September 23, 2021- 2:30-4:00pm

Preschool aged children are entering the 2021 school year with a wide variety of experiences. Some only know preschool as it existed during the pandemic having experienced preschool remotely or with social distancing protocol. Others may have had no exposure at all. This topic explores what we are seeing as the school year begins and discusses how preschool is re-establishing itself in 2021.

Enriching the Language Experience for Preschoolers
October 19, 2021 -2:30-4:00pm

While there have always been a great deal of concern and questions around what is “appropriate” language development in young children, the pandemic has certainly heightened concerns-both from parents and professionals. Come talk with other preschool staff about what you are seeing this school year and the strategies programs are using to address the increasing language development needs of their populations.