As more focus on both a state and federal level is being placed on early childhood, School Administrators and other decision makers are realizing the need to better understand the requirements around preschool and how their district provides services to preschool aged children.  The Race2K project has developed Supporting Children with Disabilities: A Guide to Understanding Early Childhood Special Education Systems.  For more information on how you can learn more about your district’s preschool special education system, visit here

School Districts have a variety of ways they ensure children with disabilities have access to the early childhood environment.  One way is by partnering with community early childhood programs.   The Supporting Children with Disabilities: A Guide to Working Together for School Districts and Community Preschool Programs (Guide) was developed by the Race 2K project to provide a context and framework to help School District and community program staff discuss and, if appropriate, formalize a working relationship to support children with disabilities in community preschool placements. For more information on how you can work with community programs, visit here