Services for infants and toddlers and preschool aged children with disabilities are provided under the same federal law – the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA is broken up into sections or parts.   Part C provides for services for children ages birth through age 2 and is known in NH as Family Centered Early Supports and Services (ESS). Part B provides services for children beginning at age 3 and is known as preschool special education.  RACE 2K believes that when families and staff work together as a team, the best possible outcomes occur for children and families, and for the agencies that serve them. All team members need knowledge and skills regarding the early childhood processes and how to work together. They need to know their roles in the processes as well as regulations, procedures and timelines that guide them.

Race 2K facilitates the development and implementation of all 10 Regional Interagency Agreements for Early Childhood Transitions.  In addition, you can visit our on-line module Who’s Doing What in Early Childhood Transitions which walks through the process.  The module includes professionals sharing their best practice suggestions and parents sharing their experience during the transition process.

You can also find sample documents, templates and family-friendly transition related resources in the Documents and Resources section.